ElvaJet® TFP 110 Take full advantage of Epson’s® cutting edge developments with the high performance ink set optimized for Epson® Micro Piezo TFP print heads and reach new heights in industrial digital printing. The new Epson® TFP printhead offers high speed and high resolution in a more compact design. You can now combine the advantages of the latest technologies developed by Epson® and the performance of ElvaJet® TFP 110 sublimation inks to obtain the best results with Epson® 9700, 9890, 9900 or 11880 models. superior reliability on Epson® printers equipped with Thin Film Piezo printhead long term printability very high color intensity excellent transfer properties

Sensient TFP110 is for  Dye Sublimation ink designed for Epson head printers . Ideal for  printing onto transfer paper for Polyester printing for signage, sportswear, flags and display......Ink is past its use by date and sold as clearance without manufacturer warrranty.

Sensient TFP110 Ultra Black Dye Sub ink


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