General Formulations CC500 Intermediate 5 year Calanderd film for POS and general Signage. High Gloss Polished product with permanent adhesive. 36 Colours available

CC500 610mm Cut and Coloured Films

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    A 3.0 mil polished polymeric flexible calendered vinyl with 200-5000 permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive laminated to a 78# clay coated liner.  Commonly used on computer programmable sign cutting machines.
     APPLICATIONS – This product is recommended for outdoor and indoor uses where a high quality marking film-requiring flexibility, durability and resistance to sunlight is required.  These films can be used for architectural signage, commercial-retail signage, pointof-purchase graphics and decals.
    PRODUCT VARIATIONS - This material can be printed with high quality screen printing inks formulated for flexible vinyl.  Consult your ink supplier before printing and test all ink prior to production.
    Thickness   Film    3.0 mils.     Adhesive   .8 to 1.0 mils.     Liner    4. 5 mils.     (Thickness variance +10%)
    Dimensional Stability  Good.
    Temperature Ranges  Minimum application temperature is +40°F. Service temperature range is -40°F to +200°F.
    Expected Lifetime Exterior Color Fade   Up to 5 years under normal exposure conditions.                                       Adhesion   To stainless steel - 40 oz./in. when tested according to PSTC-1 with 24 hour dwell at 70°F and 50% relative humidity.  Typical values.  Individual values may vary.  Test thoroughly before production.
    Water Resistance  Limited immersion resistance.  Test for specific application.
    Humidity Resistance  Good.
    Storage Stability  1-year shelf life when stored at 70°F and 50% relative humidity.
    Colors Available 501 White 510 Vivid Blue            518 Dark Green 530 Brown        541 Pink   502 Black 513 Ocean Blue         519 Green 531 Beige        544 Orange 503 Transparent 514 Artic Blue            520 Kelly Green       534 Burgundy          546 Purple 505 Grey 515 Sky Blue  522 Dark Yellow     536 Cranberry        548 Plum 506 Midnight Blue 516 Teal  523 Lemon     537 Cherry        550 Gold 508 Sapphire Blue 517 Forest Green 524 Daffodil     538 Tomato Red     551 Silver

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