3M 4092 Diamond Grade DG3 Red Reflective 915mm wide 
3M™ Diamond Grade™ Reflective Sheeting offers industry-leading retroreflectivity, conspicuity and legibility because of its highly efficient retroreflective optics. It helps improve safety by providing higher luminance values at distances most critical to drivers. Full-cube, microprismatic optics are nearly 100% efficient, resulting in sheeting that returns 58% of available light--double the efficiency of truncated cube corners. Accommodates visual needs of older drivers Performs at high observation angles and wide entrance angles Helps overcome reduced sign illumination from VOA headlights Offers excellent life-cycle value Exceptional performance in short, medium and long viewing distances Enhanced visibility when signs are in a disadvantaged placement location such as overhead or left shoulder

3M 4092 Diamond Grade Reflective


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